WoodSenseTM is a scientifically proven extract with natural anti-inflammation effect to soothe the skin and create natural harmony

Reduces inflammation of the skin

Relieves irritation of the skin

Antioxidant effect on the skin

Supports natural microbiome of the skin

WoodSense has strong anti-inflammation properties due to the presence of functional compounds from wood and fungi. 

The Arctic fungal species and strains selected for the development of WoodSense have shown higher metabolite production than other species and strains. The metabolite production such as triterpenes, phenolics and β-glucan levels have been used as indicators of the bioactivity of the extract. 

The anti-inflammatory effectiveness of the Arctic strains has been also validated to ensure the efficacy of the active ingredient. WoodSense prevents the inflammation of the skin and has a soothing effect by inhibition of inflammation mediating enzymes and inflammation mediators.

WoodSense also contains extracts from boreal tree species extremely rich in polyphenols and other phenolic compounds.

The phenolic compounds present in WoodSense are associated with antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.

The developers of WoodSense have done extensive research on chemical characterization and extraction of natural compounds, especially fungi. The research team of WoodSense has analyzed the anti-inflammatory properties of multiple botanical, fungal and wooden extracts. The researchers behind WoodSense have brought and will bring more innovative, active, sustainable and scientifically validated solutions into the cosmetic industry.