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The Arctic ingredient

Biotech of WoodSense

WoodSense is a combination of wood and fungal extracts originating from the Arctic forests of Finland. 

Our technology have been developed to concentrate the functional compounds from wood and fungal secondary metabolites in one unique product – WoodSense.


WoodSense concentrates the antioxidant compounds of wood from the Boreal forest in a single extract.


We have captured the bioactive essence of our Arctic fungal strain to create the perfect balance: WoodSense extract.

The story of WoodSense

In the Arctic region of Finland, our scientists have been wondering for decades about the power of nature.

For many years, our research team members have been studying the chemical composition, the functional compounds and the effect of natural extracts and products on our health.

Despite the great research discoveries along the years, our scientist were still in search for a signature elixir that could reflect the beauty and the power of the Arctic nature.

Our scientists came together for an Arctic expedition to find, explore and discover the secrets of one of the most isolated natural environments in the world.

At the edge of the world, we found a unique and powerful alliance between boreal forests and fungi.

We studied thoroughly the connection of Arctic fungi and wood and finally we deciphered the secrets of this natural alliance.

WoodSense is the elixir that we were looking for. 

WoodSense is the descendant of the forest and the fungi living beyond the edge of the world.